Work with me

Ways you can work with me

Discovery Call - Free 15 minutes with Jo

If you would prefer to chat first and find out how I can help you or see which option is best for us to work together, book a free Discovery Call with me.

Advice Call - 30 minutes with Jo

Pick my brains. Feel a little less stuck after just 30 minutes with me.

Bring any employee engagement or culture challenge to our call and I can help you feel a little less 'stuck'.  I can help you unveil what's possible and share my advice and ideas on how you can best begin to tackle it to help make your workplace happier.


Advice Call - 1 hour with Jo

Take a deeper dive into your employee engagement or culture challenges where you’ll leave with practical advice and prioritised steps to take action. Together we can free up your thinking, overcome a hurdle or two and work on a plan that moves you and your organisation positively forward.


Virtual 'Happier Workplace' Group Masterclass - 1 hour

Join me and a group of like-minded souls for an hour of insightful, practical, best practice advice to help you take simple actions towards creating a happier workplace where your employees can thrive. There’ll be an opportunity for your questions to be answered too.

Perfect for line managers, HR Directors or Comms professionals who are time-poor and wanting to boost employee engagement and build a happier working culture.


Virtual 90-day Challenge - Bronze Package

Growing company? Organisational changes ahead? Issues with staff morale, turnover or productivity? Aspiring to build a happier, healthier, more engaged workforce?

If any of these ring true and you're feeling stuck as to how best to manage them, I can help you begin to map out a 90-day plan and focus on some quick wins to help solve your challenge and boost employee engagement levels.

We’ll work in two bursts of an hour and a half each to define your core challenges, brainstorm actions, prioritise your next steps and begin to map out your 90-day plan of action.

If you feel you need more support you might prefer my 1-2-1 Consultancy Silver or Gold packages, below.


1-2-1 Consultancy Day - Silver Package

If you need some bespoke support and would value tackling your employee engagement challenges over a full day together, this is for you.

We can work virtually, or from your office or a central place in London. You choose - the price is the same!

You’ll end the day with a robust plan to address your employee engagement challenges, clear objectives and actionable steps to meet them, alongside ideas and best practices that you can implement right away.

I’m all about simplicity and practicality, and finding ways of working through challenges that are right for you and your business.


V.I.P. Consultancy - Gold Package

I really want to help you create a happier, more engaging workplace for your employees. Plans are great, but it’s the consistent focus and implementation of a plan that makes a real difference. If you need to be held accountable and supported in achieving your objectives, the VIP Consultancy Gold Package will be ideal for you.

This option combines the Silver Package of a day’s 1-2-1 consultancy as well as 3 x 1-hour video-calls to gain coaching, advice and support over 90 days to ensure you deliver against your short-term objectives and more effectively embed the happier workplace culture you’re striving for. Plus you'll be eligible for two x 15-minute S.O.S. calls for those moments when you feel totally stuck, overwhelmed or in need of a virtual hug or bit of arse-kicking straight-talk to get your confidence boosted, mind refocused and plan back on track.