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Ways you can work with me

Discovery Call - Free 15 minutes with Jo

If you would prefer to chat first and find out how I can help you or see which option is best for us to work together, book a free Discovery Call with me.

Clarity Call - 1 hour with Jo

Feeling stuck, unfocused, overwhelmed? Have a burning employee engagement or culture challenge? Struggling being a leader right now?

Whatever is holding you back in your business or keeping you up at night you can gain the clarity you need right now in just one hour with me.

Whether you have no idea how to tackle your challenge for the best. Or you need a sounding board or different perspectives to boost your confidence in a confidential space where you can show up as yourself, warts and all, then this will be perfect for you.

Crazy busy people just like you sometimes need to stop. Refocus. Think.

In just one hour you’ll gain the clarity and calm that you're craving. You'll have practical ideas and prioritised steps to help you take the action that feels right for you.

Together we can free up your thinking, your blocks, overcome a hurdle or two and work on a plan that moves you positively forward.

Imagine that weight off your shoulders. You can have that. You deserve it and I can help you.

£99.00 +VAT

90-day Success Booster Program

Growing company? Organisational changes ahead? Issues with staff morale, turnover or productivity? Aspiring to build a happier, healthier, more engaged workforce? Wondering how to lead authentically through the challenges you’re facing?

If any of these ring true and you're feeling stuck, worried, overwhelmed or frustrated with it all, then I’ve just the support you need in this 90-day Success Booster Program.

We’ll spend a day diving deep into your personal strengths, hopes and dreams.
We’ll gain clarity on your business goals and challenges.
We’ll define how you can lead in a way that stays true to you.
And we’ll knit this all together in a 90-day roadmap that’ll take you from overwhelm to greater success and happiness.

That’s not where we’ll leave things though. Every two weeks thereafter, during your 90-day program, we’ll have a 30-minute virtual session together to make sure you’re staying on track.

I know that plans are great, but left to your own devices you might feel overwhelmed, unsure or lacking self-belief. I know that life and business throw you curve balls and best-laid plans can easily fly out of the window. I know it’s hard to stay focused on a plan when you’re juggling a stack of other responsibilities.

I also know I want you to have the best chance of success in our 90 days together. I want you to make the changes in your leadership approach or organisation successfully. I want you to feel like you’ve made progress, made a difference.

So my ongoing fortnightly mentoring and support will help you stay focused and feel supported and more confident. I’ll hold you accountable with an empathetic ear and practical mind. And I won’t be afraid to give you a bit of arse-kicking straight-talk to keep your confidence boosted, mind refocused and plans on track.

Your success gives me a real sense of satisfaction, that’s why I’ll be with you along the 90 days.

If this sounds great then sign up and let’s just see what we can achieve together.

£2,449.00 +VAT