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What to expect from working with me

Whether you’re a small to medium-sized business or large organisation, a team or an individual, I offer cost-effective consultancy, support and solutions.

AFIRE is just me.  There’s no big agency behind the scenes, so I can and do tap into my trusted network to make sure I offer clients the best advice and support.  And I will be honest and say if your requirements go beyond my area of expertise or if I don’t feel I can give you the time that you need right now.  If that happens, I will gladly recommend somebody else that might be able to help so you’re not left high and dry.

However, if I do get the opportunity to work with you to share my knowledge and experience, I will also bring an open and curious mind, and a happy, collaborative spirit to everything I do.

It goes without saying that all of my clients are treated with the strictest levels of confidence and professionalism.

If you have a clearly defined need for my help, or wish to discuss how we could work together, please contact me here to arrange a free 30-minute phone consultation.

I look forward to chatting further with you.


How I Can Help You

AFIRE helps make businesses and individuals happier and more successful through the power of great communication

Business Consulting

My business consultancy approach is bespoke.
Designed and priced for your business.
Tailored to your needs, goals and challenges.

By coming into your workplace, engaging with and listening deeply to leaders and employees, I harness their feedback and ideas. I unveil what’s really going on; where your challenges and opportunities lie. Combined with my knowledge of what makes a great place to work, I then design and recommend ways of working that make life easier and happier for employees to ultimately improve business productivity, reputation and sustainability.

Following a five-step process of discovery, diagnosis, design, implementation and review, I work in partnership with you to help ensure the right solutions and actions are embedded to drive long-term happiness and success from the inside out.

1-2-1 Consultancy

If you’re short on time, or tighter on budget, I offer personalised one-to-one consultancy and support.

Mainly run virtually to be mindful of your time, I can help you unpack the challenges you face around employee engagement and workplace culture to define better, healthier, happier ways of working that are right for your people, your business and your budget.

I love simplicity, practicality and honesty and that’s how I work with you to map out a way forward.  Sprinkled with ideas and best practices we create a plan and I support you through the steps to making lasting, positive change within your company or team.

Take a look at some ways we can work together in a totally confidential and personalised way.


The Group Masterclasses I run are a great way for me to share knowledge, best practices and advice with a wider audience.  You have the added benefit of having your questions answered and the chance to learn from other delegates.

Details of virtual or in-person Masterclasses will be advertised on this website, or my Strategic Partners websites.  And, of course, I can create a bespoke Masterclass for your business – just contact me to find out how.

You can sign up for my newsletter and email updates here to be the first to know about upcoming Masterclasses.


Client feedback

‘You helped me focus on the right things to prioritise and plan my approach so it felt achievable. I especially loved walking away from our session with some quick wins.’

‘You have a warmth that instantly connected us. I valued your gentle insight and understanding throughout the sessions.’


Client feedback

‘Your recommendations, Jo, have been fantastic – simple and practical and all relevant to our business. We’ve much more work to do but I feel we’ve taken a positive step forward in changing our business culture for the better.’

‘Despite our initial hesitation to share our ideas and feedback, you created a place of trust to talk candidly and constructively.’


Delegate feedback

‘Jo was a very knowledgeable course leader’

‘The course was well structured, full of practical advice and I left feeling I could make some changes at work right away’

‘Thank you for a great session. I feel much more confident.’

If you’d like to find out more or discuss things further, I offer a free 15-minute Discovery Call.
Contact me here to arrange it

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