How I work

What to expect from working with me

Whether you're a small to medium-sized business or large organisation, a team or an individual, I offer cost-effective consultancy, support and solutions.

AFIRE is just me.  There's no big agency behind the scenes, so I can and do tap into my trusted network to make sure I offer clients the best advice and support.  And I will be honest and say if your requirements go beyond my area of expertise or if I don't feel I can give you the time that you need right now.  If that happens, I will gladly recommend somebody else that might be able to help so you're not left high and dry.

However, if I do get the opportunity to work with you to share my knowledge and experience, I will also bring an open and curious mind, and a happy, collaborative spirit to everything I do.

It goes without saying that all of my clients are treated with the strictest levels of confidence and professionalism.

If you have a clearly defined need for my help, or wish to discuss how we could work together, please contact me here to arrange a free 30-minute phone consultation.

I look forward to chatting further with you.