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You are the passionate, ambitious business leader with the inspiring business to go with it.

You’ve a heartfelt desire to make a real difference in this world through your leadership. You know your employees are integral to your continued success. How you work together is critical. And how you lead them is something that’s underpinned by your integrity and respect for others.

It’s future-focused, human leaders, just like you that make my eyes sparkle and who are the passion and purpose behind my business. It’s people like you who I help to create incredible workplace cultures so their ambitions of business growth, inspiring leadership and enviable reputation are realised.

If success to you is …

A company whose reputation is outstanding and talented people with a great attitude to work are knocking on your door to join.
A working environment where every employee, including you, can bring their unique self to work. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Without fear of judgement. With innovation in abundance.
Where your customers are delighted and amazed by the service, ideas and care that you and your employees provide. Consistently. It’s just who you are.

A feeling of family and community whether you work together in the same building or remotely. A company where people work hard, play hard and go above-and-beyond. And trust, support and respect for each other is woven into the fabric of how you feel, think and work together.

Where failures and problems at work are seen as challenges to solve together, as opportunities to learn from and tackle together. A place where nobody is afraid of messing up. Where people are eager to learn.

If this isn’t you and your company yet, but you’d like it to be,
then I can help you get there.

Or to whatever success looks and feels like for you.

Hi, I’m Jo

and I can help you create a thriving workplace culture you can be proud of and reap the benefits from.

I have over twenty years’ experience in engaging employees, people leadership and creating great workplace cultures. I have seen what makes people tick. I have also seen what extinguishes their fire quicker than a damp cloth. I have a Masters degree in Communication. And I have a massive, heartfelt passion for making people and workplaces happier. I bring all of these ingredients together in my determination to make a positive difference to as many businesses and employees as I can. To change our working world to one where people are happier, productive, supported, engaged, creative and sparklingly alive.

I know from first-hand experience how to create great places to work. It takes commitment, time and consistency, yes. Combined with my simple, human, inclusive approaches that anyone can do and any business can afford.

Imagine …

Getting customer feedback on how your staff went above and beyond to provide exceptional service. And that’s the norm, not the exception.

Feeling less overwhelmed, stressed and tired because your staff are capable and trusted to do their best work … better than you could dream of.


Ditching playing the problem solver, the perfectionist and all the pressures you place on yourself as a leader.


Seeing your people thrive and reaping the rewards of your collection wisdom, energy and support.

Well, imagine no more because all of this IS possible.

I can work with you to …


Gather employee insights and identify ways to improve how your business operates, building on what’s already working well and what could easily be improved.
Check out my Insights & Improvement Package.


Help you and your employees (no matter where they work) define and create a workplace culture that feels amazing and sets you all up for success together.

Take a look at my
Culture Creator Package.


Identify how you could work smarter, not harder, together, not alone, and support you in making personal changes that can improve your business culture and positively impact how your employees think, feel and behave. These changes can have a positive ripple effect on your entire wellbeing and life too!

Contact me for one-to-one Leadership mentoring

The work I do with business leaders just like you is sometimes enlightening and sometimes uncomfortable for them, I won’t lie.

It takes a conscious, intentional effort to change and improve.

It takes a courageous leader to step up to the challenge and recognise the role that they play in creating a workplace environment where they and their employees can thrive in. It’s not an easy journey, but I understand what you’re going through and how you might feel through this work because I’ve walked your path already. And above all I want you to succeed.

Are you ready to step up and create and lead an amazing place to work?

If not now, then when?



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