AFIRE helps make businesses and individuals happier and more successful through the power of great communication

AFIRE ... The passion behind the name

Hi, I'm Jo.

I created AFIRE because I believe that everyone comes to work wanting to unleash their very best selves.

I believe that happiness in the workplace is the magic ingredient for unleashing that potential and creating an outstanding business.

I believe we can make our UK workplaces enviably happier than they are today and one day we will rival the Scandinavians for the happiness badge of honour.

Positive change can ripple from a single pebble …

We all know that happy employees make for a productive, inspiring, sustainable business whose customers are delighted and whose reputation is envied.

I also know from first-hand experience that creating happy, great places to work, can be simple.  It takes time and consistency, yes. But all it needs is simple, human, inclusive approaches that anyone can do and any business can afford.

I have over twenty years’ experience in engaging employees.  I have seen what makes people tick. I have also seen what extinguishes their fire quicker than a damp cloth.  I have a Masters degree in Communication. And I have a massive, great big passion for making people and workplaces happier.  I bring all of these ingredients together in my determination to make a positive difference to as many businesses and people as I can.  To change our working world to one where people are happy, productive, engaged, creative and sparklingly alive.

One where magic happens.

How I help make happier workplaces

I help make happier places to work through my consultancy, coaching, Masterclasses, toolkits and advice.  All tailored for you, your business and your employees.  No matter where you are in your business journey.

I have worked with small growing businesses keen to set the right foundations in how they treat, involve and manage their staff.

I've worked with companies who are feeling the pain, frustration and impact on their budget from low staff morale and high turnover, and don't know how to how to resolve it.  We've delved deeply to find better ways of working that staff are happier with.

I have trained line managers wanting strong and positive relationships with their teams to create environments to thrive in.

And, I’ve advised senior leaders on how to build trust and respect and coached them to be authentic and approachable, creating more inclusive, respectful workplaces.

So, come and join me on a mission to create happier work

Imagine the incredible impact we can have together.  Imagine playing a vital part in building a happier working world and the positive ripple effect we can have - on others, your business, your customers and even those families and communities who surround the people whose working lives we improve.

Throw your pebble in the pond and join the movement towards happy work by contacting me here.

I can’t wait to chat with you.


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Happy employees = happy customers = successful business